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Ud Class
CLASS  Ud    4-6-0

Introduced: 1904 Number in Class: 2

Ud Class Register

Locomotive Specifications

   Baldwin Locomotive Works, Philadelphia, USA

Engine Weight:    
39.4 tons
Tender Weight:    27.4 tons Total Weight:    66.8 tons Adhesive Weight:    
29.2 tons
Length over Buffers:    
51' 6"
Total Wheelbase:    44' 4" Engine Wheelbase:    21' 2" Coupled Wheelbase:    
11' 0"
Tender Wheelbase:    
13' 2"
Driver Wheel Dia.:    58" Cylinders HP:    
Two - 16" x 22"
Cylinders LP:    
Grate Area:    16.5 sq ft Evaporative Area:    
1095 sq ft
Superheated Area:     Working Pressure:    
185 psig
Tractive Effort:    
15280 lbs f
Coal Capacity:    4.0 tons Oil Capacity:     Water Capacity:    
2000 gals

Remarks:     These two graceful locomotives had the largest driving wheels used on the 3'6" gauge in New Zealand and were typical American express engines of the period. Later to become NZR Class 'Ud' they were designed to haul the New Plymouth mail trains between Paekakriki and Longburn.
Ex Wellington & Manawatu Railway Co. #'s 19, 20