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Davenport 0-4-0 ST
Davenport    0-4-0 ST

NZR Way & Works Branch

Introduced: 1938 Number in Class: 2

Way & Works Register

Locomotive Specifications

    Davenport Locomotives Works, Davenport, Iowa, USA

Engine Weight:    
9.0 tons
Tender Weight:     Total Weight:    9.0 tons Adhesive Weight:    
9.0 tons
Length over Buffers:    
Total Wheelbase:     3'-10" Engine Wheelbase:    3'-10" Coupled Wheelbase:    
Tender Wheelbase:     Driver Wheel Dia.:    24" Cylinders HP:    
Two - 7" x 12"
Cylinders LP:    
Grate Area:     Evaporative Area:    
Superheated Area:     Working Pressure:    
160 psig
Tractive Effort:    
Coal Capacity:     Oil Capacity:     Water Capacity:    

Remarks:     These two locomotives, originally bought new by the Public Works Department, were aquired by NZR in December 1938 and used on construction and duplication work. After World War 2, both locos were stored at Otahuhu Railway Workshops and finally scrapped in 1954. One locomotive, No.529 was a slightly lighter engine at 7.6 tons, with 6" x 10" cylinders and 20" drivers.