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NIttany Valley Southern RR                                        Welcome to the Nittany Valley Southern RR

                             Page under construction

On this page will be an updated log of the NVSRR.  I will also work to make this a comprehensive place where beginners and advanced modelers can find information on all aspects of layout questions.   It will also contain as many methods as possible  to construct them.   Example, mountains.  I can think of 4 different construction methods off the top of my head.  I am sure there are others.  I will explain them all.  I do my best to do this with every aspect of layout construction.    No more digging around the entire web for hours trying to find construction methods, if you can find them all.    I will work to make this the one stop site for all you need.  

I am starting the process to redesign and rebuild the NVSRR from ground up.  So drop by often to see the construction and learn how to build your own layout as the new NVSRR comes into being.  See the many different methods that can be done as well.