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The Maine Central in N-Scale


After modeling the Union Pacific ® for the past 20 years, I decided to start over with a new railroad. Having visited

Maine previously, I gave serious consideration to selecting one of the railroads that serviced that state. But which railroad to pick?

CN, CP, GTW…Maine Central, Boston & Maine, or D&H? I started my research about six months ago…and found that the

greatest challenge would come from modeling the Maine Central. I also decided to select the early 1980s -- prior to the Guilford Merger.

Where to model came next…Working with N-Scale there seemed to be no limits. I could model the Lower Road, the Upper Road, or any of the

Major branches.

My decision was to freelance. Selecting Bangor, Maine as my starting point…modeling a small division point yard along a river

featuring a roundhouse and turntable. On the other side of the layout I would model a scene along the Atlantic Ocean with a Lighthouse and wharf

but with an interchange to another railroad and some hidden staging tracks.

Track Plan

My plan and the resulting layout design were built to meet the rigors of moving frequently. As such, the layout is built in four modules -- two

straight modules approximately 2 feet by 6 feet and two end modules 4 feet by 2 feet. The four modules are joined with bolts and the

wiring harness with Cinch Jones connectors.

Rolling Stock


Control and Power




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