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Welcome to the home of the Northeast Railroads Interchange and Transfer Company. I am currently under construction and going through the learning process at the same time. I appreciate your patience.

In the near future, you will view N-Scale Modular Railroading (N-Trak) and my Prussian Camp Subdivision,
a 10' 8" x 9' 10" multi-level freelanced N-Scale coal and industrial branchline based on Northeast Pennsylvania's industrial cities such as Harrisburg, Reading, Scranton / Wilkes Barre, Allentown and surrounding areas with an extention into the West Virginia coal fields (ex-NYC) via Hagarstown, Maryland.

The NRITC is a fictitious "holding company" for the Erie Lackawanna, Pennsylvania Railroad, Penn Central, Central Railroad of New Jersey, Lehigh Valley, Lehigh & New England, Wilkes Barre & Eastern (resurrected into 1960) and the Hudson Shores Transfer Company (fictitious) railroads.

The modeling era is 1960-1976, but heavily favoring 1967-1973. The scenes will be a combination of N-Trak and personal standard modules and the Prussian Camp Subdivision layout. Scenery will include all four seasons and visions of northeastern Pennsylvania and western New Jersey.

Planned areas of interest (subject to change):

1. Introduction and History Page

2. Actio'N' Photos: The railroads at work.

3. Work Progress: Modules and layout

4. In-work Projects: Kitbash, scratch, detail projects.

5. The Loading Dock: A page dedicated to my brother's load-building talent and my custom-painted and detailed gondola and flatcar loads.

6. Cranberry Junction: My brother's railroad interchange module (N-Trak module set, in design-phase) progress. You will view New England in 1954-1958. The modules will be a freelanced interchange point between the Maine Central, New Haven and the Boston & Maine railroads.

7. Links: Other MRR Clubs, affiliated Historical Societies.

8. Contact e-mail: Comments, Suggestions, maybe a Guest Book (?)


I hope to be up and running soon. As mentioned earlier, this is a learning project as well. Keep coming back to visit. I hope you all will enjoy my N-Scale model railroading ventures.

Happy Railroading!

Tom Fredenberg
President & CEO
Northeast Railroads Interchange and Transfer Company

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January 14, 2006


Thomas F. Fredenberg (Email to Tom)

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