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NeFR- What's new
What's new

6/21/04- Lehigh Valley GIF page updated. Added many new, and revised all previous GIFs.

6/17/04- New and revised drawings added to the drawings page. Links page added.

1/4/04- Reading and Northern Roster updated, now also includes retired and sold locomotives

1/4/04- Drawings page updated with new and updated RBM&N drawings

3/11/03- Reading and Northern roster updated

3/11/03-  Drawings page updated with more drawings

3/8/03- Drawings page updated with new drawings

11/11/02- The roster page is back up with new and updated rosters

7/2/02- RBM&N GIFs page updated with new and updated drawings, look for many more GIFs over                   the next few days!

6/28/02- NeFR receives a whole new look, photo added to NS/CR photo page

1/10/02- Links page updated and model photos added to the modeling section

7/19/01- The NeFR returns with guestbook, forum, and a new design. More gif clipart to be added later!