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San Diego Station Schedule Page

San Diego Station Schedule Page


The San Diego Station is located at 1050 Kettner Boulevard

north of Broadway. Each day, the Station ticket counter is

open from 5:15A to 10:15P. This is the Southern Terminus

of Amtrak's Pacific Surfliners and the

San Diego Northern Railway’s Coaster Trains. 

Each day, you have the choice of up to twenty-five northbound trains to Oceanside, twelve thru trains to

Los Angeles, five to Goleta (Santa Barbara), and one to

San Luis Obispo.


In addition to these trains, one all-reserved bus operates thru Los Angeles, serving the Newhall Metrolink Station and Bakersfield providing service to northbound San Joaquin Trains for the Bay Area, Sacramento, and San Joaquin Valley stations.   As of September 27, 2002,  Northbound Coaster-Metrolink Connections depart at:


12:45P Monday thru Friday to Moorpark and

  2:15P Monday thru Friday to San Bernardino.


These connections require the purchase of a separate Metrolink Ticket at Oceanside Station for continued passage further north.  For Metrolink Information, please see the Oceanside City Profile Page.


Effective Friday, September 27, 2002, both northbound Amtrak and Coaster trains Depart at


  6:12A daily to Goleta

  6:33A Monday thru Friday to Oceanside

  7:05A Daily to Los Angeles

  7:45A Monday thru Friday to Oceanside

  8:10A Monday thru Friday to Los Angeles

  9:30A Daily to Goleta

  9:45A Monday thru Friday to Oceanside

10:35A Weekends and Holidays to Los Angeles

10:45A Saturday to Oceanside

10:50A Monday thru Friday to Los Angeles

12:00N Daily to San Luis Obispo

12:45P Monday thru Friday to Los Angeles

12:55P Weekends and Holidays to Los Angeles

  1:05P Saturday to Oceanside

  1:25P Monday thru Friday to Los Angeles

  2:15P Monday thru Friday to Oceanside

  3:00P Daily to Los Angeles

  3:40P Monday thru Friday to Oceanside

  4:00P Daily to Goleta.

  4:22P Monday thru Saturday to Oceanside

  4:52P Monday thru Friday to Oceanside

  5:20P Weekends and Holidays to Los Angeles

  5:22P Monday thru Friday to Oceanside

  5:50P Monday thru Friday to Los Angeles

  6:05P Monday thru Friday to Oceanside

  6:20P Weekends and Holidays to Los Angeles

  6:45P Monday thru Saturday to Oceanside

  7:40P Fridays thru Sundays and Holidays to Los Angeles

  8:20P Mondays thru Thursdays to Los Angeles

  9:15P Fridays thru Sundays and Holidays to Los Angeles

  9:45P Fridays to Oceanside and

10:15P Daily to Newhall and Bakersfield (bus)

12:05A Saturday to Oceanside (Friday Night Train Service)

Intermediate Stations served by these trains include:

Old Town Transit Center

University City @ Nobel Drive (coming soon)

Solana Beach


Carlsbad Poinsettia

Carlsbad Village


San Clemente Pier

San Clemente North Beach (commute connections only)

San Juan Capistrano

Laguna Niguel/Mission Viejo (commute connections only)


Tustin (commute connections only)

Santa Ana

Orange (commute connections only)

Anaheim Stadium

Fullerton Transportation Center and Railway Plaza

Buena Park (commute connections only – coming soon)

Norwalk-Santa Fe Springs (commute connections only)

Commerce (commute connections only)


Burbank South Station (commuter connections only)

Burbank Airport

Van Nuys Amtrak/Metrolink Station

Northridge (commute connections only)


Simi Valley




Montalvo (Effective Monday, October 28, 2002)



Santa Barbara



And Grover Beach

Additionally, one Coaster Connection also provides service to these additional station stops along the Inland Empire Line.


Anaheim Canyon

Yorba Linda (coming soon)

West Corona

North Main/Corona (Effective Monday, November 4, 2002)

Riverside – La Sierra

Riverside/Van Buren Boulevard (coming soon)

Riverside – Downtown

and San Bernardino


Connections to the Southwest Chief are available from these connections at the Fullerton,

Riverside-Downtown, and San Bernardino stations for points in Northern San Bernardino County, Arizona,

New Mexico, Southwestern Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Illinois, with a final destination of Chicago.

Very limited late night connections are available to transit services from train #794.  Trolley connections to locations other than Old Town or the Convention center are available on Saturday Night Only.   Friday Night Coaster service arriving at 11:54P also only has limited connections. 


Train #593 is the last connection to the

Metro Rail Red Line subway Monday thru Thursday, serving the San Fernando Valley and Wilshire Center areas.  On Fridays thru Sundays, the last connection is train #591, departing at 7:40P.


The last southbound Amtrak with connections to the Trolley’s Orange line is train #590 (weekdays), and #592 (Saturdays).  Train #588 is the last connection on Sundays and most major holidays.  For Blue Line service (except Saturday when #794 has connections), the last weekday connection is train #590, and Sunday is train #592.  During selected major events, when later evening service is available, train #794 will also have a connection as well.


For San Diego Trolley Information, please call.

619-231-8549; Additional San Diego Trolley Blue Line Trains operate to provide 7 to 8 minute weekday rush hour service between the Old Town Transit Center,

America Plaza Transfer, or Barrio Logan Stations and the Mexican Border.  


For further San Diego Trolley Schedule Information, please call 619-233-3004.


An equal number of southbound trains and buses arrive from

these points.  For Amtrak Southbound train arrivals, reservations, ticket Prices, and other information, please call 1-800-872-7245That’s 1-800-U-S-A-R-A-I-L.

Intermediate stations served by the San Diego Trolley’s Blue Line:


Qualcomm Stadium

Fenton Parkway

Rio Vista

Westfield Shoppingtowns Mission and Fashion Valleys

Hazard Center

Morena/Linda Vista

Washington Street

Middletown (Palm Street)

County Center

Civic Center

Fifth Avenue (C Street Station)

City College

Market Street

Imperial Transfer Station


Pacific Fleet (32nd & Harbor)

National City (8th & 24th Streets)

Chula Vista (Bayfront/E, H Street, and Palomar Street)

Palm Avenue

Iris Avenue, and

Beyer Boulevard


Additionally, in service pull-in Green Line Trains also serve the following stations:


Seaport Village

Convention Center

Gaslamp Quarter

11th & Commercial (Imperial Terminal)


Orange Line service serves the following stations:


Gaslamp Quarter

Convention Center

Seaport Village

Downtown San Diego Stations

25th & 32nd Streets at Commercial

47th Street

Euclid Avenue/Market Creek Plaza

Encanto (62nd Street)

Lemon Grove (Massachusetts & Depot Stations)

Spring Street

La Mesa Boulevard

Westfield Shoppingtown Grossmont Center

Amaya Drive

Arnele Avenue, and

Weld Boulevard