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Velcome to a fansite about the MY Diesel train.

First i would like to show you what it's about, lean back in you chair, put some headphones on and listen to this beautiful turbo diesel.

Thanks to for lending me the train video

The first MY-locomotives were purchased in the early 1950s with a view to commencing operation of steam operation. Before that DSB ( Danish State Railways) had been investigating whether the steam was replaced by diesel or electrical operation. The choice of type of locomotive fell on a construction from the U.S. firm General Motors, type F7, which MY is based.
MY locomotive was built by Nydquist & Holm AB (Nohab) in Sweden under license by General Motors with Danish sub-suppliers. Frichs built the middle part of the body, frame and bogies. The diesel engine drives a generator that produced electricity to the traction motors.
1101-1105 came with GM's 16-cyl. diesel engine type 567B of 1,500 hp. From 1106 was supplied type 567C of 1,700 hp. From 1145 was supplied type 567D to 1,950 hp.

A total of 59 locomotives built and here by is 30 to 40 machines still in operation. They belong to different private railway companies in Denmark and Sweden and Germany.

You find the same type of locomotive in several places in Europe. Hungary, Luxembourg, Belgium and Norway.

In 1960 they constructed MX which was very similar to MY, but this machine was lighter and slightly smaller, and was designed for the lighter side railways.

The replacement to MY came in the late 60s. MZ, and later ME both GM lokomiver built under license by Nohab factories, to the Danish State Railways (DSB).