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Early in the MSMRRE history, the founding members envisioned having a dual-scale club.  Though HO scale appeals to many, the ability to pack a lot of N scale railroading into a small area, and the ability to let the scenery dominate the trains are winning many more to N scale.  It wasn't until 1989 that N scale went from discussions among members to building and running trains on a N-Trak modular system.  The club now maintains two N scale layouts: one permanent layout in the clubroom, and a modular one for public displays.

Though not very noticeable, the permanent N scale layout has undergone many changes.  Today's layout, the largest known N scale layout in Alaska, is double decked layout with a four-turn helix joining the two levels.  Over 12 scale miles of track connect towns with names like Portland, Freemont, and Vancouver.  Operations on the layout range from running single locomotives to fully-orchestrated operating sessions.  In these "ops sessions," members can model the operations of real railroads by assigning each car a "load" and a "destination," and then running the trains on schedule.  Currently, Operating Sessions are suspended pending revamping of the car card system and getting everyone’s cars properly ‘carded’ that wants to  participate in major operations.

The N scale layout is run using Digital Command and Control (DCC) throughout the layout..  With DCC there is no limit, other than the number of throttles, to the number of trains that can be run at the same time.  The Club has throttles and DCC equipped  engines available for anyone who has neither  DCC equipped motive power or a DCC throttle.

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