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Amtrak Trains in Central and Southwestern U.S.


Information about passenger trains serving Kansas, Missouri and neighboring states.....

The Southwest Chief

Travel Through Ancient America: the Southwest Chief photo page    
  Amtrak's Southwest Chief  
Information on Amtrak's fastest long-distance train, the Southwest Chief, which transports passengers from Chicago to Los Angeles and cities in between including Kansas City, Topeka, Dodge City, Albuquerque and Flagstaff.
This is the former route of Santa Fe's crack Super Chief passenger train, the "train of the stars." Experience its romance as it journeys through the heartland of America to some scenic locations in Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.
The Southwest Chief ascends Raton Pass, on the Colorado-New Mexico border.   (Photo by Doug Ohlemeier)   Southwest Chief photo page





Amtrak's Texas Eagle
Impressive Web page on one of Amtrak's most patronized trains, the Texas Eagle, which travels between Chicago and the populous Lone Star State. The Texas Eagle is the Show Me State's other long-distance passenger train. Formerly run only three, then four, days a week between St. Louis and San Antonio, soared in ridership when it became a daily train in 2000. Amtrak management shortly after its daily inauguration declared the train the system's best performing train. Learn more about the train that serves St. Louis, Poplar Bluff, Little Rock, Texarkana, Longview, Dallas, Fort Worth, Temple (Waco), Austin and San Antonio.
Texas Eagle Route Map

Kansas City - St. Louis service

Help Save Missouri's Amtrak Service    
Missouri trains picture page   Missouri's Passenger Trains    
Amtrak's Kansas City - St. Louis train service
Learn more about the Missouri River cities and areas the two daily Kansas City-St. Louis trains serve. The train, which carried more than 200,000 passengers in 2000, carries passengers to and from Hermann, Washington, Sedalia and Warrensburg on its cross-state trips between the Show-Me State's biggest metropolitan areas. The train also services important suburban cities such as Independence, Lee's Summit and Kirkwood..
The Missouri Mule seen along its namesake river at Hermann, Mo.   (Photo by Doug Ohlemeier)

Amtrak's Heartland Flyer    
Oklahoma's Heartland Flyer    

This little train exceeded everyone's expectations and carried more than twice as many people during its first year of operation between Oklahoma City and Fort Worth than initially forecast.
See the destinations of this train that restores a portion of Amtrak's popular Lone Star served during the 1970s. The Lone Star, which ran from Chicago to Houston through Kansas City, Lawrence, Topeka, Emporia, Newton, Wichita, Arkansas City, Oklahoma City and Fort Worth, was one of Amtrak's most popular trains (7th in ridership). The train was mercilessly killed by a misguided Congress and Amtrak administration that sacrificed strong-performing trains to appease political leaders during another one of the system's many budget crises.



A Scenic Journey Through the Rocky Mountains:
The California Zephyr Picture Page
  This is Amtrak's most scenic route, traversing through the Rocky Mountains.

The California Zephyr Route offers a never ending smorgasbord of scenery.

On the way, the train rolls through the farmland of Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska and Eastern Colorado. From Denver west, prepare for some of the most spectacular scenery ever viewed from a passenger train. .

The California Zephyr on one of its prettiest stretches, along the Colorado River near Bond, Colo., between Glenwood Springs, Colo., and Granby, Colo.   (Photo by Doug Ohlemeier)  

Amtrak Midwestern service
Southwest Chief Route Map
Texas Eagle Route Map
California Zephyr Route

Travel information for Kansas City, Mo., plus trips to Missouri and Kansas

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