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Amtrak Funding Crisis Articles

MOKSRail and rail advocates across the country believe long-distance trains are NOT lightly used & can positively contribute to this country's transportation system, if properly funded & operated.

Don't listen to the nagging right-wing think-tanks that believe Amtrak, which consumes all of 2% of the U.S. DOT's budget, is the source of all evil in the world. Groups such as the Heritage Foundation, The CATO Institute, Senator John McCain and Congressman Ernest Ishtook often lie and distort facts, claiming long-distance trains run empty.

Articles on the continuing Amtrak funding crisis, which began during the  spring and summer of 2002 and continues to today.



National Association of Railroad Passengers Hotline.

Visit them for the latest legislative updates,


Please consider joining NARP so your voice can be heard in Washington DC.

Fact-check on the Bush Administration's plan to derail Amtrak.  

An informative site with timely updates on the Amtrak funding situation

Comprehensive coverage of the funding crisis

Why was Amtrak created? (from Friends of Amtrak)  
Friends of Amtrak - volunteer effort full of legislative updates & other timely information  



Amtrak "reform plan" would destroy interstate passenger train service


Statement on Bush plan from Midwest High Speed Rail Coalition corridor group.


Bush Administration tries to Railroad Amtrak passengers!

Railroading the public: cronyism at work in Bush plan, according to grassroots lobbying group, Public Citizen.

Bush Amtrak "reform" plan called a recipe for disaster  

 you can write to your elected officials urging them to reject flawed Bush Amtrak "plan"


Bush "plan" would destroy Amtrak! The president flunks Transportation 101.

Analysis of the flawed Bush plan that views Amtrak funding as evil but wholeheartedly embraces federal funding of airports and highways.

Bush Administration official exposed as anti-transportation DOT secretary


Conservative think-tank uses profanity in arguing against Amtrak


Amtrak may be forced to shut-down its entire system due to Congress' inability to properly fund passenger rail transportation




Long-distance v. corridor trains: myths and realities (URPA)


Analysis indicates long-distance trains, not short-distance, are Amtrak's moneymakers


Long-distance trains: a strong foundation for future growth (Midwest High Speed Rail Coalition).


Long-distance trains are important. Critics use false figures


Money-losing passenger trains???


Open letter to journalists covering Amtrak issues (from National Corridors) (link restored)


Amtrak Reform Council: The Myth of Passenger Train Profitability


MOKSRail NEWS RELEASE: Bush Amtrak "reform" plan destroys Amtrak and jeopardizes transportation options


As I See It (newspaper column): Don't derail Amtrak (Ohlemeier column)


Open letter to Rush Limbaugh: You are wrong about Amtrak

In a day when any loudmouth can get on the radio and spout-off about something he knows little about, it's time the record be set straight about Amtrak. Dittos for think-tank eggheads and consultants R

The railroading of Amtrak

Trains, planes and automobiles held to different standards


Missouri/Kansas congressional contacts

Write to your elected officials urging them to reject flawed Bush Amtrak "plan"


Save the Train posters

Flyers you can post at your Amtrak stations to get passengers to write their elected representatives.

How You Can Help Save America's Passenger Trains


Write your elected officials.
Tell them to properly fund passenger rail transportation.


The MOKSRail Web site is devoted to keeping the
federal government from destroying America's passenger train system.

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