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The FHRR / MMRHS is marketing the following items to raise funds for the support of the Society and HRR

Society Patches

The Mid-Michigan Railway Historical Society has patches for sale. Various patches are available (a few shown above).  There is another patch (similar to the MMRHS patch shown above) with FHRR at the bottom for members of "Friends of the Huckleberry Railroad." All patches are $5.00 minimum donation. If it is to be mailed, there is a $.75 postage and handling charge.

We also have packaged the Maroon Huckleberry patch in a bag with the rolling stock roster list that we had printed into a booklet (see below). We are asking for a minimum of $10.00 donation for these. They make a great gift item that promotes the Huckleberry Railroad. Money that is made from the items for the Friends of the Huckleberry Railroad will go to the Friends of the Huckleberry Railroad account for future purchases for the Huckleberry Railroad.

Huckleberry Railroad Roster Book

Huckleberry Railroad rosters show pictures and a brief description of each piece of rolling stock on the Huckleberry Railroad. These Rosters are available for a $3.00 donation to the MMRHS, Friends of the Huckleberry Railroad. If the roster has to be mailed, there is a $.75 postage and handling fee.

Rio Grande #464 Builders Plate

Several years ago, FHRR had commissioned full sized  (approx. 12" diam.), bronze replicas of the builder’s plate for Rio Grande #464 that is at the Huckleberry Railroad. We still have several of these available for purchase. The basic plate is offered as a rough casting. Price is $160 to the public (including regular MMRHS members). For $200 each, the plates can be ordered cleaned, polished and painted. Special prices for HRR ‘Friends" members (only!): $135 (rough) or $175 (finished).

Again, these plates are cast in bronze and they are Heavy! The purchaser is responsible for the cost of freight for shipping these items.

Anyone interested in any of these items, please contact us:

P.O. Box 79
Flint, MI 48501


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