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Members Forum Info If you want to be listed on the Member's Forum, send an email to with the following information:

Option A:

Add a link to your own page; send the URL to .

Option B:

Create your own page and send your files to  to be posted to the web.

Option C:

Send your digital photos (with captions describing each photo) to .

Option D:

If you have printed photographs you can do one of the following: 
        1. Send me the photos via snail-mail (send an email to  and I'll send my address) - 
        2. Take your prints to a retailer in your area (i.e. Kinkos, Mail Boxes Ect, and many "one-hour photo" location have scanning capabilities) then send me the digitals - OR - 
        3.  If you get the photos scanned at a retailer in your area you can send me a copy of the CD-ROM disk via snail-mail.

Option E:

Last but not least, if you don't have a page and don't want a page but just want to be listed in the Member's Forum, send me a note and I'll post your name and email address.

Remember, your page is exactly that "YOUR PAGE"  You can put anything you want on YOUR page as long as it has someting to do with railroading such as your model railroad, railfanning activities, vacation photos or just some notes about what you are doing or something you've seen.

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