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Richard Lawrence  

Durand Turntable

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Don Harbin


Memories of our friend:

Richard Lawrence

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Mike Kennedy  Richard worked for the Grand Trunk Western as a Fireman called out of Durand.  He would sometimes switch the engines around in the Durand yards.  One of the engines that he used to work on is at the Illinois State Railway Museum.  He quit working for the railroad to get better pay as a “real” fireman for the City of Flint; where he worked until the time of his retirement. 

Richard had a large HO scale layout in the basement of his house and he enjoyed helping anyone with their model trains.  He frequently ran his “famous” Ford coal train and, to illustrate his sense of humor, he would always put a gondola somewhere in the coal drag.  It contained two plastic dinosaurs that he called “fossil fuel.”

Richard was a member of the Mid-Michigan Railway Historical Society and was serving on the Board of Directors.  He was a life member of the Lapeer Model Railroad Club and the National Model Railroad Association. 

He served the NMRA as the Treasurer for the North Central Region – Division 10.  He was also the one time owner of R&R Hobbies in Davison. 

He was a friend to everyone he met.

Don Harbin I have fond memories of the time spent with Dick and the fun he always had with the hobby, It was fun to operate his layout. He loved the UP and had i think, 24 Big Boys. A great friend.
Elden Baker  Dick sent me a few pictures that he took in and around Durand during the time he worked for the Grand Trunk Western.  When I posted the first couple of pictures on our web page, he got such a kick out of seeing his photos on the web that he sent me a lot more photos. 
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