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Chicago Lumber Company of Michigan owners of the
Manistique & Northwest Railway Company

1822 Abijah Weston - Father of the Chicago Lumber Company - born in Lucerne, Saratoga Co. New York.

7/1872 Weston and associates, known as the Chicago Lumber Company, acquire several thousand acres of timberlands in central Schoolcraft County.

1891 5/5/1891 - Manistique and Northwestern Railway Company incorporated by Weston and his associates.

9/1895 Construction of the Manistique and Northwestern Railway begins; northern terminus reported as Negaunee.

1897 Manistique & Northwestern Railway – 1897 Michigan Railroad Commissioner Reports

6/2/1898 Abijah Weston dies

12/1901 Traverse City, Leelanau & Manistique Railroad incorporated by interests associated with the Grand Rapids and Indiana. The line is to run from Northport to Traverse City.

Manistique & Northwestern Railway – 1901 Michigan Railroad Commissioner Reports

This road was constructed for the purpose of handling forest products, but has added a passenger service between Manistique and Singleton, a junction with the Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Railway. This passenger service consists of a mixed train run daily except Sundays, and is adequate for the traffic presented. The company has improved the line the past year by renewing 500 ties and laying 475 tons of new rail, 60 pounds per yard. This company has now 32 miles of 60 pound, 22 miles of 35-pound, and 8 miles of 40-pound rail. The surface and alignment of track is fair. Considering the schedule time of trains and the traffic, and the light equipment and the general necessities, the road is adequate for the requirements in point of safety. This company owns 199 freight cars, 173 of which are for logging purposes. Company reports that have couplers purchased for same, but cars are not equipped with couplers or air brakes. Their engines and coaches are equipped as required by law. The company has also constructed a new bridge across the Manistique river, 240 feet in length.

The lead engine is 2-4-4 wheel arrangement with a tender attached, it has a link – pin coupling arrangement on the engine. The second locomotive is probably the same wheel arrangement. They are on the interchange track at Shingleton. The track leading to the the bottom of the picture goes to the D. S. S. & A. Railway, was the 'SOO' line now CN trackage.

This appears to be a 0-4-4 wheel arrangement, the the pilot wheel may be hidden in this photograph, which would make it a 2-4-4 wheel arrangement. This was in service long enough to receive safety coupler as the the Michigan Railroad Commission called them.