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Michigan Railroad Commissioner Reports

Michigan Railroad Commissioner Reports


Manistique & Northwestern Railway – 1897 Michigan Railroad Commissioner Reports
Chartered April 25, 1891
The Manistique & Northwestern Railway Company, was surveyed in 1892-93, Manistique, Michigan, to Negaunee, Michigan (about 90 miles). About 21 miles of grading was done in 1895 and 1896, 11 miles of rail has been laid and ballasting will be done the coming year. The stockholders have advanced the necessary funds for construction expense.
Commenced to build road, Sept., 1895
Rolling stock;
One locomotive, 20 to 30 tons
One locomotive, 10 to 20 tons
Thirty platform cars, thirty logging cars, and three boarding cars
South Manistique to Steuben 8-2-1897
Steuben to McNeils 12-16-1897
Scotts to Singleton 12-31-1898 11.5 miles


Manistique & Northwestern Railway – 1901 Michigan Railroad Commissioner Reports

This road was constructed for the purpose of handling forest products, but has added a passenger service between Manistique and Singleton, a junction with the Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Railway. This passenger service consists of a mixed train run daily except Sundays, and is adequate for the traffic presented. The company has improved the line the past year by renewing 500 ties and laying 475 tons of new rail, 60 pounds per yard. This company has now 32 miles of 60 pound, 22 miles of 35-pound, and 8 miles of 40-pound rail. The surface and alignment of track is fair. Considering the schedule time of trains and the traffic, and the light equipment and the general necessities, the road is adequate for the requirements in point of safety. This company owns 199 freight cars, 173 of which are for logging purposes. Company reports that have couplers purchased for same, but cars are not equipped with couplers or air brakes. Their engines and coaches are equipped as required by law. The company has also constructed a new bridge across the Manistique river, 240 feet in length.



This company was incorporated during and has purchased the Manistique & Northwestern Railway, extending from South Manistique to Shingleton.

At present the company is engaged principally in the logging business. But one train is run each way, daily, for the accommodation of passenger traffic.

The company has recently launched a car ferry that will be run between Manistique and Northport, connecting with the Traverse City, Leelanau & Manistique Railroad.

The condition of the road is fairly satisfactory and decided improvements have been made during the year.

About 649 tons of new 60-pound rail have been laid, 6,022 ties placed in the track, seven bridges with an aggregate length of 222 feet been rebuilt and a branch line 3 miles in length has been constructed.

Its freight cars, with the exception of logging cars, are equipped with automatic couplers, and its passenger cars are satisfactorily equipped

A corporation formed under the laws of Michigan, April 1, 1902. The company is the successor of the Manistique & Northwestern Railway Co., the property of which was foreclosed and acquired by this company in pursuance of a reorganization plan. Road owned, South Manistique, Mich., to Singleton, Mich., 41 ½ miles; Scott, Mich., to McNeils, 11 ½ miles; total operated, 53 miles. Locomotives, 5; passenger cars, 2; freight cars, 273.
Stock – Par $100 – Authorized, $2,000,000 – Issued $2,000,000


1st mort., 5 per cent., due May, 1952, May and Nov. - $1,100,000
The authorized amount of the mortgage is $1,500,000. Trustee and agent for the payment of interest, Union Trust Co., Detroit.








1902 (8 months ending December 31)









Def. 49,777.00





Def. 20.262.00

President, Treasurer and General Manager, E. F. Blomeyer, Milwaukee. D. W. Kaufman, Chicago. R. R. Metheney, Grand Rapids, Mich. J. G. Pilger, Milwaukee.
Directors – E. F. Blomeyer, Milwaukee. Joseph Goldbaum, Milwaukee. D. W. Kaufman, Chicago. R. R. Metheney, Grand Rapids, Mich. J. G. Oilger, Milwaukee.
Main office, Milwaukee. Operating office, Manistique, Mich. Annual meeting, first Wednesday in May, at Grand Rapids.



his line of road extending from Shingleton to Manistique, is in good service condition. Station buildings are small, but seem to meet the requirements of the public. The company's business is largely the transportation of forest products. A mixed train is provided for the accommodation of the public, that seems to be satisfactory. This company has a car ferry line between Manistique and Northport which connects with the Traverse City, Leelanau & Manistique Railroad. The car ferry went into commission on October 1, 1903. Tie renewals have been liberal and the surface and alignment of track equal to the requirements of the traffic in point of safety. Fence is provided at different points along the line. Motive power and passenger cars equipped as required by law.



Milwaukee, Wis., May 16, 1904
The following Officers of this Company have been elected by the Board of Directors: E. F. Blomeyer, President and Treasurer, Herman Building, Milwaukee, Wis., and Manistique, Mich. D. K. Kaufman, Vice-President, Chicago, Ill. Jos. Goldoanm. Secretary, Milwaukee, Wis. By order of the Board of Directors.
Milwaukee, Wis., May 16, 1904
The following appointments are effective at once: J. A. Robanson, Superintendent, Manistique, Mich. C. J. Wilson, Auditor, Manistique, Mich. W. L. Mercereau, Marine Superintendent. Ludington, Mich. President and General Manager may be addressed Herman Building, Milwaukee, Wis., or Manistique, Mich.



An inspection of this property was made August 31st. The line extends from Manistique where it connects with the Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie Railway to Shingleton, a junction point of the Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Railway.
The business of this road is principally the handling of forest products.
The track and roadbed of this road is in poor condition, needing a great many ties, ballast and surfacing. Six thousand four hundred ties put in during the present year, but as many more should be put in. They have 37 miles of main line track and 39 miles of siding and logging spurs. Their equipment consists of 5 locomotives, not in very good condition; 2 coaches which need overhauling and painting; 2 cabooses, which need overhauling and painting; 3 old box cars; 45 flat cars, in fair condition; 170 Russel Logging Cars, in fair condition.
Trains which are equipped as required by law are are moved by telephone with written order system.
A mixed train is provided for the accommodation of the public which appears to be satisfactory.
The rail is in many places battered at joints and should be renewed.
No fences to speak of; 32 bridges and culverts in fair condition.
Frog and switches blocked.
This road needs a general overhauling but there does not appear to be sufficient revenue from its earning to make improvements.


Manistique & L. S. R. Co. C-8007-11, March 10, 1919, order granting permission to the general manager of the Manistique & Lake Superior Railroad to install a crossing of tracks of the Manistique Pulp & Paper Company's private railroad with the tracks of the Manistique & Lake Superior Railroad in Manistique.