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WSOR 25th Anniversary

WSOR 25th Anniversary

July 23, 2005

The Wisconsin & Southern Railroad marked its 25th anniversary Saturday, July 23, with a celebration in Madison featuring Soo Line Mikado 1003, the two WSOR E9's with passenger cars, and several pieces of equipment on display.

We arrived in Madison under cloudy skies to find Soo 1003 in the yard with a demonstration freight train while the passenger train was out on a run.

The 1003 soon departed with its train. Here it is crossing Lake Monona.

Shoving back to the yard, 1003's train approaches Baldwin Street.

After returning to the yard, I walked up to the north end to take a look at the various equipment sitting around. Here is WSOR's Operation Lifesaver-painted SD20 and two GP38's.

Moments later, the bilevel train made its appearance, returning southbound to the yard.

After receiving another load of passengers, the bilevel train heads back north toward Waunakee.

Caught a nice overhead view from a bridge in Mendota.

And here's the train crossing the Yahara River southbound.

Back at the yard, President Gardner chats with some of the employees.

Later on, the skies brightened up a little, allowing this shot in the north end of the yard. I can't think of anywhere else you can see two such handsome E units with matching trains. WSOR certainly knows how to present a classy appearance.

This neat little speeder was one of several on display during the day.

The next morning, I returned to Madison to chase 1003 on its trip to Waukesha. Puddles from the previous day's rain and the low angle of the sun made for lots of reflections in the water as the passenger equipment sat idle.

This reflection particularly caught my eye. I wish I hadn't messed up the exposure so badly.

In a fitting image to end this program, the 25th anniversary locomotive stands proud in the morning sun.

All photos by Mike Farrell. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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