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Soo 1003 Madison-Waukesha

Soo 1003 Madison-Waukesha

July 24, 2005

After spending Saturday, July 23, 2005, in Madison making demonstration freight train runs as part of the Wisconsin & Southern Railroad's 25th anniversary celebration, Soo Line Mikado 1003 ran from Madison to Waukesha the following day en route to its home in Hartford.

When I arrived at the yard in Madison, 1003's crew was preparing the locomotive for the day's trip.

As they moved the steamer around the yard, I was able to catch it next to the WSOR's ex-C&NW gallery cars.

This graffiti on a hopper car caught my eye.

The locomotive was moved into position to dump the ashes before departure.

Crew members shoveled the ashes out from under the engine and into a nearby dumpster.

Quite a few spectators showed up to watch the morning's preparations.

The Mikado poses near WSOR's 25th anniversary locomotive.

WSOR 4025, 10A and 10C congregate in the yard as Soo 1003 prepares to leave. Soon after, the steam train departed on its journey toward Waukesha. The chase was on!


All photos by Mike Farrell. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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