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Midas Train Photos O Winston Link and the Virginia Creeper Trail

A little twist on his "Old Maude" piece. But in 2002, Maude is a cyclist catching some rays on the way to White Top.

A retired Baldwin 4-8-0 engine sits cozy in a shed at the beginning of the Creeper Trail in Abingdon, VA awaiting to be dispatched once again to West Jefferson, NC.

From the spot that Link photographed two A class NW coal trains passing, all that is left from that scene are the depot and passenger station. The depot an arts gallery and the station a library featruing Link's work.

On its way to Bristol Virginia/Tennessee, a loaded NS passes the Abingdon depot and station.

A side view of the 4-8-0 Molly at the Virginia Creeper Trail.

Mr. Buchanan's Store/Post Office/Train Station at Green Cove is owned by the National Park Service with frequent stops daily by cyclists on the Creeper Trail. Look for the Park Ranger hiding behind the counter and O Winston Link's original photo on the wall.

A (possible) original sign from the days of freight delivery to the Green Cove Station. The door painted in Norfolk Western's famed Tuscan Red.


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