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From the summer of 2001, two coupled NS engines silently watch traffice pass by in Clinton, Tennessee.

One of NS' Conrail engines leads a thoroughbred thru a crossing on its way east.

A shot to emphasize the size of the engines. From the summer of 2001.

A Norfolk Southern EMD SD60 behind a Conrail engine takes a breather while heading east. Another photo of this engine at

On a hot muggy day in the summer of 2002, these switchers are taking a break between their daily duties.

The engineer of this train, stops for a few minutes to pick up its orders. This gave me a chance to cross back to my car, to sit back and watch the freight roll by.

Sandwiched between a Southern caboose and a few hoppers, this beauty charges thru Knoxville's Old City district.

A close up of the face of a powerful machine.

While stopping to receive orders, the Conrail and Norfolk Southern engines stand toe to toe checking each other out.

Another view of some NS switchers in the downtown yard.

A shot of the Clinton, TN depot now used by the Norfolk Southern corporation.


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