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The Knoxville and Holston has abut 20 miles of track in Knoxville and assists in small transfer duties in the area.

Riding on CSX rails, two First Union Rail Leasing (FURX & GCFX)engines race along carrying a mixture of automotive cars.

Sitting at the old Southern Railway station in Knoxville is one of the Transfer units made in Knoxville. Thanks to for the information

From the summer of 1996, an abondoned coal tipple looks for hoppers to fill once again.

Another angle of the GCFX engines, taken in the fall of 2002.

Looking towards the Norfolk Southern yard at Knoxville, the Southern XC1 transfer train is back at its birthplace.

The grass and the bent rails indicates a long time since the Louisville and Nashville ran along its tracks in Southeast Kentucky.


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