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MMRS - Speeder Ride on the Wolfboro

Speeder Ride on the Wolfboro

Jimi Smith, our president, also railroads in 12" to the foot scale. He owns a Fairmont speeder, formerly used by a railroad to move track gangs around. Jimi's speeder carries 2 comforatably, 4 somewhat uncomfortably, and 6 very uncomfortably.

Jimi is a member of a speeder club with trackage rights on 8 miles the former Boston and Maine Wolfboro branch. He invited the MMRS membership to join him for a day of running during foliage season.  Several members, their wives, and other friends spent a Sunday, October 23rd, riding around, some of us even got to drive!

We met at the "Fernald" station and enginehouse and went from there to the end of trackage rights at NH route 16.  The beginning of the day was bright and sunny, by the time we were finished, a steady drizzle had started.  A LOT of fun was had by all!

Now for the images.... (click on the thumbnails to see a larger version!)

Speeder1 The Speeder sitting outside the engine house at Fernald.

Speeder3 Flying the red flags, which in this case means the speeder is slowing down to stop.

Speeder4 The riders get off at the Fernald station.

Speeder5 Not too much traffic on the branch any more, the whistle posts are slowly disapperaing into the ground.

Speeder6 Pulling up to the end of the track at Route 16.

Crossing a concrete bridge along the route.

I like this one because the alignment of the tracks look like my first initial!

Club Treasurer Bill Pirtle trying to figure out the controls (he succeeded, and we were soon on our way)

Speeder2 Artsy-type shot of the track we were riding on.

All photos copyright 1999 by Mike Boucher.  If you must use them on your page, ask permission first!!!

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