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MMRS Model Photos

MMRS Model Pictures

View some of the models built by MMRS members.


Coronation Pacific 1 Bob Foster models British railroads. He is building a model of a London Midland Scottish (LMS) "Coronation" pacific. This model is a kit which Bob purchased from the UK. The boiler and some of the details are whitemetal castings, the frame and running gear are brass etchings, folded appropriately and soldered together. It is quite a project, but that's how most O scale locomotives in England are built. I can't wait to see it painted!

Coronation Pacific 2 Here's a photo of the running gear of Bob's Coronation pacific. You can see the etched brass frames, as well as some of the white metal castings.

Rolling Stock

Mike Boucher models British railroads as well as US prototype. Here are a few of his models...

GWR Loriot Here's his first etched brass kit, of a Great Western (GWR) "Loriot". The prototype was for hauling agricultural machinery, traction engines, and heavy road vehicles. The kit was from Connoisseur Models, and came as a flat sheet of etched brass with whitemetal castings. If you want to see everything involved in building this kit, Mike created a thread where he described his build, for both good and bad, on the British-based Rmweb site... When RMWeb changed their forum software, the Bouchs 7mm workbench thread continued showing the painting and lettering, as well as other projects Mike was working on at the time. If you're interested in following the construction of his next brass kit, follow that thread...

LMS brake van Here's a LMS "brake van", built from a Slater's plastic kit. This vehicle has sprung axleboxes to help it track better.

LMS brake van interior The LMS "brake van" also has a removable roof and complete interior.

Short British prototype train Here's the loriot, the brake van, and several of his other wagons on a short module he's working on. His next project is to remotor and detail that LMS locomotive...


Weston Station 1 Jimi Smith's scratchbuilt model of the Boston and Maine Central Mass branch station at Weston, MA. The model is built from styrene, and has battery operated interior lighting. The prototype station still stands in Weston, although the line it is on is not in service. Photo taken on Bill Pirtles Home Layout.

Weston Station 2 Another view of Jimi's scratchbuilt station. Mike Boucher's Overland P-2 is pulling into the station.

Flying A Gas StationMike Boucher built a 1940's vintage gas station for one of the club modules. Its from a Berkshire Valley kit, stock #818. Berkshire Valley also sold a detail kit for the interior, which really added a lot to the station. Lots of nice details in the storefront and garage!

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Last Updated: Feb 25, 2011

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