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MMRS - 2003 HUB division NMRA train show

2003 HUB division NMRA train show

We were invited to exhibit our modular layout at the annual show sponsored by the HUB division of the NMRA. It was held the weekend of November 15th and 16th, at the Holiday Inn in Boxboro, MA.

We had a 30' x 36' L shaped layout. We used an "inside" corner, which allowed us to set up in a corner of the room and have the outside of the modules facing the main hall. From left to right, it was arranged as follows:

Here are some pictures taken over the course of the day. (click on the thumbnails to see a larger version!)

George Muller's modules High level view of George Muller's 24' module set. Larry Grant (seated) is operating the train right in front of him, pulling it out of the yard on it way to the other half of the layout. This was taken from standing above the inside corner, as described above.

Taylor brother's modules Another high level shot, looking the other way from the club's inside corner. Here we see Dave and Paul Taylor's switching yard, modeled after a generic New England textile mill city. Notice that they don't have a skyboard, just tall building flats. In the distance are Ernie Gay's and Bill Wheeler's modules. You can see Dave Taylor talking to Bill Wheeler in front of the control panel.

Prepare to be assimilated! What a motley collection of model railroaders! Here's everyone from the club who was there on Sunday. Back row, from left to right: Mike Boucher, Larry Grant, Dave Taylor, Gary Cliborn, Jimi Smith, Paul Taylor, Bill Wheeler. Front Row, from left to right: Ernie Gay, Dave Waddington, George Muller, and Bill Pirtle.

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Last Updated: December 9, 2003