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The Metra Trip Website

Riding the Rails One Route at a Time!

UPDATES: The next Metra trip, originally thought to occur during the month of August, has been pushed back to September. The lines ridden will be Fox Lake-Harvard-Joliet. (8/23)...... The Route-by-Route pages will be updated in the next few days and be made more informative. Also some numbers will most likely be adjusted and the scores may be different than before. (8/9)......METRA NEWS: New Metra Union Pacific North schedule snarls commute for many (8/23).......Metra to buy 1st new cars for Electric Line in 5 years (8/13)......

We have ridden on 37 Metra Trips, and have traveled 9,103 miles, including 7,487 miles on Metra.

Welcome to the official Metra Trip Website. This is a site which documents all of the trips on Chicago's commuter system - Metra - that my Dad and I have taken since July 5th, 2001. While this site is mainly for that purpose, it will be gradually be becoming more about my experimentation with "Train GIFS". Please enjoy the website and updates will come as soon as I get free time.
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