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Brad's Metra Photo Archive
Brad's Metra Photo Archive

Metra 127 - Village of Glenview - Elgin, Illinois Metra 185 - Village of Roselle - Aurora, Illinois Metra 305 - Illinois Railway Museum, Union, Illinois Metra 405 - Aurora, Illinois Metra 602 - Village of Bensenville - Elgin, Illinois

Welcome to Brad's Metra Photo Archive!

Welcome to the new home of Brad's Metra Photo Archive. The new URL is Over the next few months I will be working to bring the site back online. Until then, you will find many broken links. Watch here for updates about what has been brought back online!

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Outlying Yards Additional F40PH Images
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Outlying Yards
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Cab Cars Leading

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Rush Hour In Bensenville

Rush Hour North of Union Station

Trips To The Illinois Railway Museum

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This site is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or supported by Metra, the Regional Transportation Authority, Union Pacific Railroad, Southern Pacific Railroad, Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad or any other railroad, transit agency or company. The purpose of this site is to share my pictures of Metra equipment for others to enjoy.

Trespassing on railroad property is illegal and very dangerous. You should never go on railroad property to get a picture or walk around lowered gates to save a few seconds. It isn't worth it and hundreds of people lose thier lives every year doing so, as well as delaying Metra commuters from arriving at work or home. Please obey the laws, they are there for a reason.

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