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Snow cones are applied to horns to keep snow and other foreign matter out of the bells in order to prolong their life. Nathan Manufacturing offeres snow cones for their K series horns as seen in this picture of a MBTA GP40MC with a K5LA sporting the factory cones. The Nathan cones use a very fine grade of perforated sheet metal and attach with four small screws. The cones don't come to a point, and have a small hole where the point should be as they are machine rolled. Note one of the bells has a cone with larger holes, and it does come to a point (signifying it was a replacement).

Click here for another sample of Nathan snow cones (on Amtrak F40 271)



Amtrak snow cones are all hand rolled and use perforated sheet metal with larger holes than the Nathan made cones. Amtrak's cones are attached to the horn with (usually three) brackets that require the horn to be drilled so it can be bolted on.

Brand new "Amtrak" cones for a K5LA and brackets:

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