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98 NRHS Convention page 2

A shot of the CNYNRHS' E8, #808 just before the night photo shoot is about to begin.

At the photo shoot, I was working and my job was to operate the headlights on the 808 - this is early on in the evening when i first climbed into the cab. Note the Chinese Steamer #142 out the window.

A shot of the "Auburn train" on the last day of the convention. I had the opportunity to ride and chase the train.

Auburn train at Skaneateles Jct. for a photo runby.

The Auburn train arriving Auburn, NY

The Auburn train, in Auburn, NY blocking Seymour Street as a cerimonial speech was made and a chance for people to shoot pics and tour the train.

This shot is by Aaron Keller - Fingler Lakes RR locomotive 1703 on the front of the Auburn train.