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Above are shots from Teen Day, when Jim Fetchero (standing on one of the car's steps - above right) gave the group a tour of the three private cars that were to be on the Auburn train trip. The top left shot is the interior of one of Dave Ross' cars, and the photo below that is an exterior shot of the "Pine Tree State."

Above is a shot of the Teen Group getting a tour by Mike MacDonald of the Conrail Dewitt yard - (this shot was in Railpace)

Above is Mike MacDonald and the yard master in the Conrail Dewitt Tower

we were able to watch TV-14 arrive and unstack at Dewitt, Above

The two above shots are the Conrail Dewitt yard seen from the old yard tower. The top shot was in Railpace (my first publication!).

Above is the Teen Group at the Amtrak station in East Syracuse next to Amtrak P32 #711. This shot was in the August issue of Railpace - check it out!