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The FL9 Page

The FL9 Page

- Amtrak's FL9's were numbered 484 - 489. Each FL9 is unique in its own way; the paint job on each FL9 differs (ex - 486's stripes are too high, and 488 says "Amtrak" in big letters on the sides), 484 and 488 have stainless steel vents the whole length of the locmotive unlike the other Amtrak FL9's, and another difference is 484's red flashing light is mounted on the nose instead of under the horns. These streamlined locomotives are very interesting and beautiful. The 485 and 486 were the last FL9s of Amtrak to be in service.  They were assigned to protect service based out of New York Penn, and have seen work train service. Amtrak's FL9's who had a very important job: For many years they were the only locomotive that Amtrak had that could switch from diesel to 3rd rail power to enter NYC. Without the FL9, Amtrak would have had to uncoupled a diesel locomotive and added and electric to take the train into NY. Now the P32AC-DM's have taken over for the aged FL9.

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FL9 Photo Pages:

# 484 (3 pics) in Albany.

# 485(4 pics - includes cab shot) in Albany.

# 485 (nose shot) in Rensselaer.

# 485 an "artsy" shot in Rensselaer.

# 486(3pics) in Albany.

# 486 in Rensselaer.

# 487(2 pics) in the Albany yard.

# 487(rear shot) in Wilmington, DE - Photo: Doug Allen.

# 488(3 pics) in Albany.

# 489 (3 pics) outside the Albany house.