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The F59 Page

- Amtrak's F59PHI's are numbered from 450 - 470. The 450 through 465 are in the Amtrak West paint (silver blue) and the 466 through 470 are in the Cascade Talgo paint (green, beige and brown). I was lucky to catch a good number of these units on the east coast just after being delivered to Amtrak as they are currently only a West coast locomotive.

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F59PHI Photo Pages:

# 455 in Rensselaer (2 pics, including a front shot).

# 459 and 460 pulling a Conrail frieght train?! No... being delivered.

# 460 with FL9 485 nose to nose.

# 460 and 462 in Rensselaer.

# 461

# 462 and 461 in Rensselaer showing the rear.

# 462 in Rensselear