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Leslie Supertyphon "RS Series" Locomotive Horns


RS Series





Leslie Control's "Supertyfon" RS Series locomotive horns are very powerful horns.  The RS Series is available in single, dual, triple, quad, and five chime configurations.  These horns feature a cushioned stainless steel diaphragm that has a molded-on silicone ring to reduce metal-on-metal wear.  RS horns have been tested to -65°F, and are considered to be resistant to freezing.  All parts are interchangeable among the RS series, and any bell(s) may be reversed for multi-directional signaling.  The most common RS Series horns are the RS-3L and RS-5T.

Decibel Ratings from 100 feet and 100PSI (measured at the base of the horn):

RS-1 chime - 110.9

RS-2 chime - 112.5

RS-3 chime - 114

RS-4 chime - 114.5

RS-5 chime - 115




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Audio Clips


RS-3L - Static (rebuilt)
RS-3L - In service (1)

RS-3L - In service (2)

RS-5T - (Rebuilt)


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