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Nathan/AirChime "P Series" Locomotive Horns


P Series




The P Series are the most efficient and economical line of locomotive air horns offered by Nathan.    P horns are constructed of sand cast aluminum bells and manifolds, and have stainless steel diaphragms.  The diaphragm system in the P Series involves no metal-on-metal contact.   This results in bell castings that will never wear out.   The P horn is offered in single, dual, triple, four and five chime configurations, and any combination of bells can be easily reversed for multi-directional signaling ("R" in the horn name denotes the following bell numbers being reversed).    Low and high mount manifolds are available for three and five chime versions ("L" in the horn name denotes a Low mount manifold).  The most common configurations are the P12345 (P5), P124 (P3), and P1234A5L (P5A) horns.  We also offer custom tuned P horns to suite your taste and give your locomotive a distinct voice.




P12345 (New)
P12345 (New) - Rear view
P12345 (New) - Top view

P12345L (Rebuilt)

P12345L (Rebuilt) - Bottom view

P12345L (Rebuilt) - Top view

P12345L (Rebuilt) - Rear view

P1234A5L (Rebuilt)


Audio Clips



P123R45L - In service

P12345L (New) - static

P1234A5L - static


P1234A5L (Custom tuned)


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