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Nathan/AirChime "M Series" Locomotive Horns


M Series




Nathan AirChime's M Series horns were the first major production locomotive chime horn to be produced.  They are constructed of sand cast bells, heads and manifolds, and have multi-piece bronze diaphragms.  M horns have a classic, mellow sound that is unlike other locomotive horns.  The M Series horns require re-tuning about every six months when in regular service.  Any bell of and M horn may be reversed ("R" in the name of the horn denotes the following bells being reversed).  The most popular models are the M3 and M5.  Although the market share of M Series horns has dwindled, they are still offered today.




M5R4 - Before restoration
M5R4 (Bottom) - Before restoration
M5R24 - In service


Audio Clips

M3 - Static

M3 - In service

M5 - Static
M5 - In service


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