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Nathan/AirChime "K Series" Locomotive Horns


K Series




The K Series is the leading type of locomotive horn on the market.  K horn bell contours are engineered to provide the most efficient sound amplification possible.  The K horn is offered in single, dual, triple, four and five chime configurations, and any combination of bells can be easily reversed for multi-directional signaling.  K horns have die-cast aluminum bells, sand cast aluminum manifolds, stainless steel diaphragms, and stainless steel fastenters.  Low and high mount manifolds are available for three and five chime versions.  The most common configurations are the K5LA, K3LA, K5H, and K3H horns.  We also offer custom tuned K horns to suite your taste and give your locomotive a distinct voice.




K5LA (New) Bottom view

K5LA (New) Front view

K5LA (New) Rear view

K5LA (New) Top view

K5LA (New) Disassembled

K Horn Serial Tag


K5LA (Custom) Top view

K5LA (Custom) Front view

K5LA (Custom) Bottom view

K5LA (Custom) Rear view

Custom Snow Cone Detail

Standard Snow Cones


Audio Clips


K5LA (in service)

K3LA (in service)

K5H (in service)

K5H (static)

K5LLAMATT (in service)

K5LLAMATT (static)


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