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Graham-White "353 Series" Manual Horn Valves


353 Series - Manual Horn Valves




Graham-White's 353 Series of manual horn valves allow an engineer great control over signaling a locomotive's horn that electronic solenoid valves cannot provide.  Several metering options are available in the 353 Series: 12 SCFM, 24 SCFM, and 30 SCFM.   We can provide you with a valve that best suits your horn, as different series and models of locomotive horns react uniquely to various air flows.  A 70 SCFM non-metering valve is also available.  The 353 Series uses a common body and operating lever that allows for easy maintenance. 

Optional operating levers are available, and we can customize your valve to allow for pull cord operation that is often found in older locomotives. 




353 Series - Standard lever
353 Series - Custom lever



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