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McCloud Models: Lee Christopher's McCloud Railway Layout Pictures-McCloud Yard Construction Photos

Lee Christopher's McCloud Railway
McCloud Yard Construction Photos

The start of the McCloud yard. The section of the completed layout on the wall represents the line west of McCloud, with Pierce and the summit of the mountain on the upper track. Signal Butte is around the corner to the right, and the line decending down from switchback runs right along the edge of the completed part of the layout. The mainline makes a loop behind the camera and emerges into this part of the McCloud yard. Only the two switches that will lead into the yard have been laid out at the time of this photograph. The main line continues on towards Burney in the section under Signal Butte.

The framework that will support the McCloud yard has been built. The loop in the distance will represent the Cayton and Lake Britton areas.

This view is looking end on at the benchwork underneath the future McCloud yard. The loop at Cayton is to the right, and the plywood at left is leaning up against the penninsula that will hold the Sierra Pacific Industries sawmill at Burney.

One last view of the end of the benchwork that will support the McCloud portion of the layout. Note the tracks of the future Sierra Pacific Industries sawmill area to the right.

Fast forwarding again in time, we find that Lee has finished the base for the McCloud part of the layout. The yard track locations have been sketched onto the base, and Lee has started laying the ties underneath the future switch locations.

Lee has now finished laying all of the ties in the McCloud part of the layout. The shop building will be located in the middle of the photograph towards the rear; the mainline through the yard enters in the upper left and comes down towards the camera, with the two yard tracks that will be represented on the left and the two house tracks to the right; the two track make up yard that runs along the east side of the shop is just right of the center of the photograph; and the two tracks into Sprint Reload are in the right front, with the long spur into P&M Cedar Products running down into the lowered area in the right rear.

An overview of the completed tie laying in the McCloud area. The yard, shop, Sprint Reload, and P&M Cedar Products areas are in the background, with the two tracks of what will be the depot area at the end of the penninsula.

The process of laying rails on the completed ties has begun. In this view the makeup tracks, the tracks into the shop building, and one of the house tracks have been completed. The freight cars in the background are sitting on the mainline.

One last photo of the tracks under construction. Lee is laying most of the yard tracks with Code 40 and Code 55 rail, which scales out to approximately 40 and 75 lbs./yard rail respectively in HO scale. The small rail size of the Code 40 rail is readily apparent once a standard freight car truck is thrown in for scale.

We hope you have enjoyed this tour of the layout under construction. Additional photos will be posted in the future as Lee completes the portions of the layout.