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McCloud River Railroad Company, McCloud Railway Company Locomotive #25

McCloud River Railroad Company
McCloud Railway Company
Locomotive #25

Alco 2-6-2
Built- 1925
c/n- 66435
Drivers- 46"
Cylinders- 19x24
Weight- 144,000 lbs.
Boiler pressure- 185 lbs.
Tractive effort- 28,800 lbs.

Photo appears to have been taken in the McCloud sawmill complex, and it is from the George Landrock collection.

#25 Date unknown, photo credited to Givens.

The #25 played a big roll in the opening festivities celebrating the completion of the Burney extension in early July 1955. This photo was taken at the Pondosa water tanks preparing for its first day or work after the ceremony. The #25 worked out of Pondosa for about another year until rail operations out of the camp were phased out. From the Dennis Sullivan collection.

The #25 sitting in the McCloud yard shortly after it was retired for the first time. From the Dennis Sullivan collection.

This mural was designed by McCloud school children and was painted on the tender of the #25 specifically for the opening day ceremonies on the Burney branch. The mural remaines on the tender to this day, but under many coats of paint added in the years since. From the Dennis Sullivan collection.

#25 Bartle, CA, 6/1998
#25 Bartle, CA, 6/1998. Photo by Alicia Moore

#25 on the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad in June 2012. Photo by Jeff Moore