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McCloud River Railroad Company Locomotive # 21

McCloud River Railroad Company
Locomotive #21

Baldwin 2-6-2
Built- 1924
c/n- 57618
Drivers- 46"
Cylinders- 17x24
Weight- 132,000 lbs.
Boiler pressure- 185 lbs.
Tractive effort- 23,700 lbs.

Locomotive #21. Picture was originally from issue #529 of the Western Railroader and is from the Glen Comstock collection.

#21 on the McCloud turntable. Photo is from the Dennis Sullivan collection.

Locomotive #21 in Pondosa. Photo courtesy of Dennis Sullivan.

#21 is seen here in Stockton, CA, on its way to the scrap yard. While passing through Stockton the tender of the #21 was swapped with a that of Stockton Terminal & Eastern #3, which was undergoing an attempted restoration at the time. The #21's tender remained in Stockton, while the tender of the #3 continued on with the #21. From the collection of Dennis Sullivan.

The Stockton Terminal & Eastern #3 eventually became part of the collection of the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento, CA. The tender of the #21 is still there, awaiting future restoration with the #3. The following three photos are courtesy of Dennis Sullivan.

The tender of the #21 as it looks today.

Another shot of the #21's tender. Note the number still plainly visible on the rear of the tender.

A close up of the remnants of the McCloud River lettering and number on the side of the tender.