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McCloud River Railroad Company Locomotive #15

McCloud River Railroad Company
Locomotive #15

Baldwin 2-8-2
Built- 1907
c/n- 30851
Drivers- 48"
Cylinders- 20x28
Weight- 179,000 lbs.
Boiler pressure- 180 lbs.
Tractive effort- 35,700 lbs.

The #15 posed with caboose #015. Photo courtesy of Heritage Junction Museum of McCloud, Inc.

Photo appears to have been taken in the McCloud yard and is from the George Landrock collection.

Another photo of the #15 in the McCloud yard. Appears to have been taken at the same time as the above photo, but from a slightly different angle.

The #15 is seen here sitting on the ready tracks next to the roundhouse waiting for its next call to action.

The #15 sitting next to the sand house and sanding tower, with the roundhouse visible in the background.