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McCloud River Railroad Company Locomotive #9

McCloud River Railroad Company
Locomotive #9

Baldwin 2-6-2
Built- 1901
c/n- 18596
Drivers- 44"
Cylinders- 16x24
Weight- 107,000 lbs
Boiler pressure- 160 lbs.
Tractive effort- 19,000 lbs

The #9 is seen here early in its career with a log train not far from McCloud.

After the arrival of the six new prairie type locomotives in 1924-1925, the #9 became surplus and was stored in the McCloud yards for many years until it was finally sold. The locomotive is seen here on 14 November 1939, shortly before it's sale to the Yreka Western Railroad. Photo by R. H. Carlson and is from the collection of Jerry Lamper.

Ex-McCloud River #9 in service as Kettle Moraine Scenic Railroad #9 in Wisconsin. Photo dated 6 August 1972; photo by Dick Wallin, courtesy of Keith Ardinger.