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McCloud River Railroad Company Locomotive #2

McCloud River Railroad Company
Locomotive #2

Stearns 3-Truck Heisler
Unknown c/n
Drivers- 40"
Cylinders- 18x15
Weight- 120,000 lbs.
Boiler pressure- 170 lbs.
Tractive force- 24,000 lbs.

The #2 with a log train somewhere on the Ash Creek Line. This is the only known photo of the #2 in service on the McCloud River. Photo courtesy of the Heritage Junction Museum of McCloud, Inc.

 This first is an ad from the June 1899 American Lumberman that features a locomotive lettered as McCloud River #2.  However, comparing this photo to ones of the #2 in service on the McCloud, leave McCloud Rails staff less than convinced that they are the same locomotive. From the Glen Comstock collection.


This photo is another ad, this one from the 22 Aug 03 American Lumberman.  Add features the same picture as the earlier add.  From the Glen Comstock collection.

Below is some text in the 9 December 1897 Engineering News about the Heisler locomotive.  This article does raise a question…there is no question that the #2 was built new for the McCloud River, but the #3 is generally credited as having been built for the Blakely Railroad a year or two before the McCloud River came into existence.  However, this article seems to indicate two Heislers been built for the McCloud…   From the Glen Comstock collection.