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Equipment & Rolling Stock Details - Fire Car #1711

McCloud Rails
Equipment Roster
Fire Car #1711

The #1711 in its original configuration. Jeff Moore collection.

The #1711 after its rebuild, probably at Cayton. Dennis Sullivan collection.

The #1711 is seen here along with fire car #1715 and a couple flat cars in the McCloud yard in front of the paint shop building on 31 August 1957. Photo is by and courtesy of Jerry Lamper.

The #1711 in 1984. Pat Holden photo, Jeff Moore collection.

Photo shows how the car looked in 1986.  Photo is by and courtesy of Drew Toner.

McCloud, CA, 11/2002. Detail shot of the pump on the car.

McCloud, CA, 6/2004

McCloud, CA, 6/2004

The Pacific Locomotive Association steam crew has set up a page on their website featuring pictures of the #1711's move from McCloud to Niles Canyon. They will also chronicle the on-going restoration activities of the car as it occurs. Link to the page is:

McCloud Fire Car #1711 Movement and Restoration