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Welcome to the Rose City & NorthWestern


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All Aboard!!! Highball with the Rose City & NorthWestern Railroad, where you'll find interesting and intriguing information on railroading and transit operations in and around Portland, Oregon, other locations in the Pacific Northwest, and occasional glimpses of railroading and transit elsewhere in the U.S. and Canada. Your comfortable seat also allows you to enjoy a wide range of links to other rail-related Web destinations.

Along the right-of-way, you'll enjoy colorful views of the Rose City's regular trains, from TriMet to TALGOs, as well as appearances by the city's famous steam locomotives.


Webville and HypertextWe ride the Webville & Hypertext RR


Your computer is all the motive power you'll need to visit these destinations along the RC&NW main line:

  • The Photo Line (View photographs and get free photo downloads)
  • The Switch Yard (Link to other railroad-related Internet sites)
  • RC&NW On The Road (Follow the Website Trainmaster around the Pacific Northwest and the U.S. )
  • The Trivia Track (Enjoy the interesting and intriguing history of railroading)
  • The Railfan Guide (Visit rail and transit sites throughout metropolitan Portland, including webcams with rail and transit views)
  • Inside The Roundhouse (View and download train graphics created from the Webmaster's photo archive)

We're also linked with Virtual Railfan


Please feel free to suggest additions and improvements. E-mail materials directly to me at:

You don't need a ticket to ride this train. Welcome Aboard!!!

Here's what's new on the timetable at the Rose City & Northwestern...

Going to the big game? Going to the airport? The site now has reference pages showing where you can take the train to the stadium (Train to the Game) or where to catch your next flight (Train to the Plane).


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