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      Lane Society of Model Railroaders is Lane County's only HO Model
      railroad club with a permanent layout.
      We were incorporated on April 23, 2001 as a Model Railroad and 
      Social club with the goal of advancing the enjoyment and knowledge
      of HO Model Railroading in the Lane County area and the State of Oregon. 
      During the year we have scheduled work and run sessions and for
      the families and friends picnics under a large walnut tree. 
      We also have a Holiday potluck dinner in December. 

      Admittance to the clubhouse is available to Life, Charter and
      Senior members twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. 
      All other members are permitted access as long as there is a 
      Life, Charter or Senior member there.

      The layout is in a seventeen hundred square foot building and is
      a mountainous setting.  We do not model any given time or place. 
      Any equipment that meets NMRA standards is permitted on the layout
      during run sessions.

      At present we have over eight hundred feet of mainline and siding track 
      laid and are expanding our main and hidden storage yards.
      We are in the process of working on additional industrial sidings,
      a logging line, lumber and a paper mill's, a turntable, round house, 
      engine facility.
      Our layout is controlled by Digitrax Digital Command Control.  We operate
      via Radio Controlled Throtles and have begun the process of planning and
      implementing an automatic signaling system. 
      For more information contact Dan Dexter at, 
      or David Dexter at Eugene Toy and Hobby on 11th Avenue in Eugene