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Real Trains

Some of my real train pictures. All pictures are links to
the Flickr page and larger versions.

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NS 8104 - Cedartown, GA

NS 8104, the Lehigh Valley Heritage Unit,
leads a loaded coal train at Cedartown, GA.

CSXT 2254 - Cedartown, GA

CSX 2254, a slug made out of a GP30, sits
at Cedartown, tied down for the weekend.

CSX 5296 - Folkston, GA

CSX 5296 leads an intermodal at Folkston, GA.

FEC 715 - St. Augustine, FL

FEC 715, an ex UP SD40-2, leads FEC Train 224
at St. Augustine, Florida.

BNSF 9601 - Rockmart, GA

BNSF 9601, still in BN executive paint, works
as a DPU on NS 736.

NS 7623 - Rockmart, GA

NS 7623 leads 2 other ES40DCs and a C40-9W at
Rockmart, GA

NS 1070 - Rome, GA

NS 1070, the Wabash Heritage Unit, leads a
loaded coal train to Krannert, GA

NS 4627 - Carrolton, GA

NS 4627 works as the switcher at Carrolton,GA


If you would like to know exactly where an image was
taken, send me an email at legostudios34(at)
(Make sure to change the (at) to an @ ;)


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