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Members Email Changes


What to do when your fricking email address changes for the umpteenth time 

1. When Your Email Address Changes

Send an email to James R. Ingram , notifying him of your new address.

2. Advanced Users

Send a CC to the President Jeff Johnstonbaugh, and the Treasurer Charles Campbell

3. Power Users

Send a blank email to , which will initiate a request to subscribe your new address to the Listserver.

Assuming I have received your email from Step 1, I will know your address is that of a member, and can approve it.

[ more info about Listservers ]


4. Reason For Above Requests:

The more of the above steps you can do yourself, the less time some dweeb (presently me) has to spend "wiping up after you" when your email address changes.

Additional Comments

5. Work Created By A Change Of Email Address:

In the case of the Loose Ties, an email change on the part of a member, requires me to

(1) update it in the membership list,

(2) update it in the Listserver data base, and

(3) update it in my personal address book; to get everything "up to date".

Then the President has to update it in HIS records, if he wants to be able to correspond with the member individually.

6. If People Don't Inform Us Of Their Change Of Email Address:

If people don't tell us their new email addresses, then Jeff's newsletters fail to reach them -- i.e. lost communication. Then I have to

(4) spend additional time, trying to contact that member by telephone, to find out what is their new email address.

7. Recommending A More Permanent Address:

We recommend that people either

(a) get their own permanent domain name (example, or

(b) get a Yahoo or similar permanent address that doesn't change every time you change your ISP.


This page modified 8/13/2007 by James R. Ingram