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Pg 2/2 (Dec 2006 Boscov's)


Photo 14 - Part of the Loose Ties membership. Photo taken at a 2003 dinner.


Photo 15 - A closer view of the Z gauge layout.


Photo 16 - This kids-run-it layout operated next to the main display. Notice the buttons on the left side, all of which the kids can operate, as well as operate the trains.


Photo 17 - A Thank You sign.


Photo 18 - A Thank You sign.


Photo 19 - A Thank You sign.


Photo 20 - A Thank You sign.


Photo 21 - A request-for-donations sign.


Donations For The Display

Loose Ties has received many generous donations from both the public and area businesses.
Some of these donations end up operating on the display. The above signs are part of that effort.

Donations To Be Given Away As Prizes

In addition to seeking donations to expand the display, Loose Ties also seeks donations of train sets.
These train sets -- 4 of them in 2006 -- are given to kids visiting the display. The winners are selected by drawing raffle tickets at the end of the last display day. Winners need not be present to win.

Think about it: In addition to operating this display, who calls the winners, who solicits the train sets from businesses, who prints all these signs . . . more volunteers.


Photo 22 - Another donor-acknowledgment sign.


Photo 23 - Showing 3 of the 4 trains sets to be given away.


Photo 24 - Club President and assistants drawing the tickets for the free train sets (screen captured from the video)


Photo 25 - A closer view of the Largescale "Automatic Yard", that automatically controls 3 trains. The train on the left has just pulled into the yard and stopped. The train on the right has just started up, and is leaving the yard. The 3rd train is always about halfway around the loop, when this switching in the yard occurs.



Photo 26 - A closer view of the Automatic Yard control  unit, which is constructed using 2 standard LGB switch motors & relays, plus a rheostat. Construction plans and a Quicktime video for this yard can be found at .

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