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Officers' Phones & Meeting Schedule



1. Officers' Phone Numbers

Pres: Jeff Johnstonbaugh, (570) 473-7973 (Northumberland)

VP: Matt Miller, (570) 374.5330 (Middleburg)

Sec: Tim Benfer, (570) 742-2587 (Lewisburg)

Treas: Robert Campbell, (570) 473-3276 (Northumberland)

Past President: David Goodhart (570) 523-3340 (Lewisburg)

2. Snail Mail Address: . . . (President)

Loose Ties
c/o Jeff Johnstonbaugh
110 Fourth St.
Northumberland, PA 17857-1822

3. Meeting Dates

Loose Ties meets USUALLY the LAST Tuesday of the month
(that's last, not the 4th)
at varying locations in the Lewisburg Pennsylvania area,
except they usually DON'T meet in Jan, June, July, Aug; & Dec.

(January is usually the members annual dinner, and December is usually two train displays, and they don't meet in the summer.)


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