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Movies of the Keokuk Junction Railway  

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WARNING! --The following movies are large files, and are in Apple Quicktime format. You will need Quicktime for Macintosh or Windows to view these movies. You can find it here. It is a free download.



A westbound KJRY train crosses US-136 at Elvaston, IL. The second unit is Alco S-2 #20. (1.6 mb)

KJRY #252 passes the Central Iron and Metal scrapyard in Hamilton, IL. KJRY trains would often stop here while awaiting clearance to cross the bridge into Keokuk. (3.4 mb)

After delivering the BN interchange, #252 and #20 start away from the Keokuk Union Depot. They will next put away their cars from LaHarpe before picking up their outbound train. (4.4 mb)

Switching at Hamilton, CF-7 #488 and HE-15 #253 cross IL-94 at Hamilton. This was the location for the KJRY's track maintenance shop. (3 mb)

Having passed Elvaston, a westbound KJRY train crosses the flat fields approaching Hamilton. Shortly it will start down the steep grade to the Mississippi River bridge. (2.6 mb)

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